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Reims Pronunciation – How do you pronounce Reims in French?

The city of Reims, located in France’s historic Champagne region, is often a source of pronunciation confusion for non-French speakers. How do you correctly pronounce the name of this important city in the Marne region?

Reims Pronunciation

Reims pronounced in French by a woman

Reims pronounced in French by a man

The name “Reims” is pronounced [ʁɛ̃s] in French, which may be phonetically similar to the words “rince” or “prince”. The specific combination of letters “eim” represents the vowel [ɛ̃] in French, and the final “s” is also pronounced, unlike other words where the final consonant can be silent.

Historical significance of the name Reims

The origin of the name goes back to the Latin “Rementium”, which evolved from the name of the Rèmes, an ancient Gallic people who lived in the Marne and Ardennes regions. Thus, the city’s name is closely linked to its historical past and the region’s ancient Gallic culture.

Rheims, Rainz or Raïns was the name given to the city of the coronations during the Middle Ages, but the name has evolved over time.

In the early 17th century, the spelling Reims was adopted, which coexisted with Rheims until the early 19th century. This spelling variation was still present in Le Grand Vocabulaire françois of 1769, which read: “Reims, voir Rheims”.

In some countries, notably Anglo-Saxon, the old spelling “Rheims” is still used, which explains its presence on champagne labels destined for foreign markets today.


In short, the correct pronunciation of “Reims” is [ʁɛ̃s]. This city, famous for its Gothic cathedral and champagne industry, offers a fascinating blend of history, culture and tradition. By understanding the correct pronunciation of its name, you can better appreciate and communicate about this iconic French city.

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