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How to find an on-call pharmacy in Reims 51100 free of charge

Finding an on-call pharmacy in Reims and the Marne département (51100) can sometimes be tricky, especially on public holidays. This detailed article will help you find the nearest open pharmacy so you can get your medicines and medical care outside normal opening hours.

What is the free on-call pharmacy in Reims?

Pharmacies in France are organized around a rotating on-call system, which means that the pharmacy on call changes regularly (sometimes every day).

In Reims, there is no pharmacy open 24/7.

If you’re looking for a pharmacy open during the day, Pharmacie d’Erlon is open 7 days a week (the only one in Reims on Sundays). It is located at 70 place Drouet d’Erlon in Reims.
Current opening times and contact details can be found here (Google Maps link).

If you’re looking for a pharmacy outside normal opening hours (after 8pm in the evening and before 7am in the morning), you need to know which pharmacy is on call.

There are two ways to find out which pharmacy is on call, free of charge:

– You can call the Reims main police station (03 26 61 44 00) or the gendarmerie in your area, which will have an up-to-date list of open pharmacies,
– You can also visit Résogardes, the only official website containing information on pharmacies on duty. The site features a free search engine to find the pharmacy on duty.

These are the only two free ways to find out which pharmacy is on call.

After 11:00 p.m., you can’t usually go directly to the pharmacy without calling the police station.
This allows them to regulate the flow of requests, to give priority to genuine emergencies over requests that can wait until the following day.
It’s also for safety reasons, as after 11pm, the curtains are generally closed.

That’s why we think the best way to find the free on-call pharmacy is to call the Reims police station directly.

What is the on-call pharmacy in Reims: Paying solution?

You can also contact Résogardes by phone by dialing 3237, but this call will be billed (€0.35 incl. VAT per minute).

Don’t call any other telephone number, as they all charge a fee and don’t have access to the list of the on-call pharmacies!

What is an on-call pharmacy?

Pharmacies in Reims organize a rotating on-call service. When other pharmacies are closed, a pharmacy is open to ensure continuity of care and access to medicines outside normal opening hours.

How do I contact the on-call pharmacy open today in Reims 51?

The contact details (address, telephone number, opening hours, etc.) of pharmacies on duty in the Reims area change every day. That’s why we invite you to browse the two solutions suggested at the beginning of this article.

How do I get to the nearest on-call pharmacy?

Once you’ve found the contact details of the pharmacy that’s open, it’s often easiest to use a solution like Google Maps or Waze to find out how to get there by car.

What is the purpose of an on-call pharmacy?

An on-call pharmacy gives you access to prescription and non-prescription medicines outside pharmacy opening days and hours. The pharmacist on call can also issue a prescription in the event of a medical emergency.

What to do in an emergency

If you have an emergency, you can call 15 (SAMU), 17 (police) or 18 (fire department). They will advise you according to the situation, and you may be able to speak with a doctor.

Please note, however, that these services are for emergencies only. If your request is not urgent, you may be asked to wait until the following day.

SOS Médecins exists in Reims and can help you with health problems that don’t require you to go to the hospital emergency department. The doctor will come straight to your home, so you don’t have to travel and wait. If necessary, he or she will write you a prescription for medication.

Pharmacy opening hours

The opening hours of on-call pharmacies vary from day to day, but they are generally open from 9am to 9pm and on public holidays.

On weekdays, the on-call system is organized in the evening, after the pharmacies have closed.

Prescription and on-call pharmacy

You can go to the on-call pharmacy for an urgent prescription, buy over-the-counter medication or get medical advice from the pharmacist on duty. Don’t hesitate to ask, he’s there to help.

Cost of an on-call pharmacy

The price of medicines dispensed by an on-call pharmacy is the same as in any other pharmacy. However, an on-call fee is charged to cover the pharmacist’s services outside opening hours. This additional cost is covered by Social Security.

Summary: key points to remember

  • On-call pharmacies provide access to medicines on public holidays,
  • To find a free pharmacy near you, contact the police or gendarmerie, or use the Résogardes website,
  • In the event of a life-threatening emergency, dial 15 (SAMU), 17 (police) or 18 (fire department),
  • A surcharge will be applied to the cost of medication. This is reimbursed in full by the French Social Security system.

Thanks to this well-established system of on-call pharmacies, you can easily access medical care and obtain your medication in Reims and the surrounding area.

Pharmacists are always ready to welcome you and help you if you need it!